Biodynamic Agriculture

Because many people were asking for a deeper understanding of agriculture, Rudolf Steiner decided to hold a series of lectures in Koberwitz, in 1924. There he developed a new understanding for agriculture from a spiritual scientific perspective.

The "Anthroposophical Farmers Research Group" started to immediately test Rudolf Steiners indications on their farms. Three years later they founded a cooperative for the use of products using the Biodynamic method. Today, more then 80 years after the Agricultural Course, about 3,500 farms manage 670,000 hectars of land and more then 3,500 Demeter (Biodynamic) products are available in specialized stores from Antipasit to whole-meal bread, from wine to icecream, from textiles to cosmetics. The group of producers using the Demeter certification mark is the largest provider of certified organic products worldwide. 

Biodynamic Preparations

Sources of supply

Most Demeter farmers and gardeners produce the preparations either themselves or together with a Biodynamic advisor. However in the case of shortages, the following addresses are able to help:



biologisch-dynamische Präparatezentrale
Hohe Straße 25
74653 Künzelsau-Mäusdorf

Corinna von Wistinghausen
Phone: +49 79402230
Fax +49 79404911

Forschungsring e.V.
Brandschneise 5
64295 Darmstadt

Uli Johannes König
Phone: +49 6155-84210


Kurinji Organic Foods Pvt Ltd.
Periyakulam Raod
Genguvarpatti P.O.
Theni Dist.
Tamil Nadu
India - 625 203

Phone: +91 4543262469
Fax: +91 4543265496


The Josephine Porter Institute for Applied Bio-Dynamics Inc.
PO Box 133
VA 24185-0133

Phone +1 2769302463
Fax +1 2769302475