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Events from this field

Goetheanum, Dornach

100 Years Christmas Conference at the Goetheanum – That Good May Become

Cent'anni dopo il Convegno di Natale del 1923, il Goetheanum in collaborazione con la Società Antroposofica in Svizzera organizza un convegno dal programma particolarmente ricco, per «tentare di intensificare ulteriormente il lavoro e di portarlo avanti nel futuro nel senso di un inizio di svolta universale dei tempi».

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Goetheanum, Dornach |

Alma Humana

Alma Humana! Contributions to human dignity

Human dignity is praised today as a precious commodity, but it is repeatedly violated, despised and forgotten.

What is human dignity? Where and how is it forgotten, misunderstood and violated? What can communities contribute to the cultivation of human dignity, even when external circumstances make it very difficult? What are the concrete and specific realities and tasks of the various Romance-speaking countries concerning this, including women and children’s rights, the elderly, the right to education, health care, healthy food, work, and much more?

Anthroposophy gives the possibility to recognise human dignity as an expression of the spiritual core of the human being and to find ways of becoming responsible for realising it.

During the conference, spaces for dialogue between representatives of public human rights organisations and representatives of anthroposophical initiatives will occur. In addition, groups and artists from the various language regions will offer artistic performances. Translators will provide simultaneous translations in Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, English and German.

From the organizing group
Constanza Kaliks, Clara Steinemann and René Becker

General Information

Wednesday 27th to Sunday 31st July 2022
Rüttiweg 45
4143 Dornach
The conference is public.


Allgemeine Anthroposophische Gesellschaft
Allgemeine Anthroposophische Sektion
Hügelweg 45
4143 Dornach Anthroposophische Sektion


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