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Goetheanum, Dornach |

The Karma Lectures of Rudolf Steiner «Become a Person of Initiative»

Open Conference of the Anthroposophical Society in Switzerland

The Karma Lectures of Rudolf Steiner
The blackboard drawing on the front belongs to the 3rd lecture, to members, Dornach, 23rd February 1924, from Karmic Relationships Vol 1, GA 235.

Our congress and the General Assembly will be held with covid certificate requirement from November 5 to 7 at the Goetheanum, Dornach. As much as we do not approve of these measures, it is a great concern for us to meet in person, to work together and to form a substance that can be food for us even in difficult times.

Should you wish to enter Switzerland for the congress, please be sure to inform you about the valid entry requirements from abroad.

We hope to see you soon in person at our meeting and send you our warm greetings.
Your Anthroposophical Society in Switzerland


The Karma Lectures of Rudolf Steiner «Become a Person of Initiative» Rudolf Steiner introduced his Karma lectures on 16th February 1924 with the sentence «I would now like to begin by speaking to you about the conditions and laws of human destiny». They were one of the intentions of the Christmas Conference – and of his attempt to gradually open up the michaelic destiny belonging to the Anthroposophical Society, in order to be able to tackle the current tasks of civilisation with all its strength, initiative and determination. The perspectives on karma also permeated the specialist vocational courses of 1924 (from medicine and curative education to the priesthood) and were intended to help make possible more ‘understanding of humanity and love’ in the concrete fields of work – and they continue to do so today.
They provide profound methodological perspectives and exercises in the field of destiny research and earthly-cosmic understanding of the human being as a «karma-forming and enduring self», but also offer far-reaching insights into the forces that shape history and society. Rudolf Steiner hoped that his listeners and readers would succeed in summoning up the deep respect and true «contemplative understanding» for the relevant contexts, the «holy awe» and modesty – and yet also the inner impulse and courage to make the issue of human destiny one of the central motifs of the anthroposophical movement.
The state of the world with natural and civil catastrophes, in biotechnology and medicine, shows how timely the questions of destiny are, and shows the spiritual concerns of people. They are part of the cultural-historical task of Anthroposophy, of its contribution to laying the foundation stone of a civilisation of the future.
Peter Selg


16:30 h
Delegates’ Conference (on invitation)

Evening break

Foundation Stone Verse – Eurythmy. Kairos Eurythmy Ensemble
Lecture by Peter Selg: Rudolf Steiner’s Understanding of Human Destiny
Musical closing: Alžbeta Hnilová, soprano; Johanna Lamprecht, violin; Johannes Greiner, organ

Saturday, 6th November 2021

Demonstration zum TIAOAIT. Goetheanum Eurythmy Ensemble
Lecture by Martina Maria Sam : A Mediator between Paganism and Christianity – The Path of the Individuality of Julian the Apostate

Coffee break

How Karma touches us in Professional Work - short presentations
- Johannes Greiner, Pedagogy
- Anand Mandaiker, The Christian Community
Then : Conversation

Lunch break

Remembrance of the Dead

General Assembly according to separate program (pink membership card)

Evening break

Scenes from the Mystery Dramas by Rudolf Steiner Mystery Drama Ensemble at the Goetheanum, direction: Gioia Falk/Christian Peter

Sunday, 7th November 2021

School of Spiritual Science: 10th Class Lesson (blue membership card)

How Karma touches us in Professional Work - short presentations
- Katrin Fichtmüller, Curative Education
- Matthias Girke, Medicine
Then : Conversation

Coffee break

Lecture by Claus-Peter Röh : Learning to See Yourself through the Other – Developmental Impulses from the Karma Exercises
Musical closing : Alžbeta Hnilová, soprano ; Johannes Greiner, piano
Movement composition around the TIAOAIT. Goetheanum Eurythmy Ensemble

End of the conference

School of Spiritual Science Forum for Young People German/English
Contact: Milena Kowarik,

Conference Information

Friday, 5th to Sunday, 7th November 2021

Language of the conference
The language of the conference is German with simultaneous translation into French and English.

The Member's Meeting on 6th of November is in German, with simultaneous translation into French. There will be no English translation.

Meeting place
Rüttiweg 45
4143 Dornach

Conference funding
Conference costs are covered by voluntary contributions: you can pay an amount of your choice either for your own attendance or, if you are unable to attend, to allow someone else to participate.

With the exception of the delegates’ meeting, the Annual General Meeting and the School of Spiritual Science on Sunday morning this conference is public and open to non-members.

Order the programme of the conference (start in summer 2021)
Anthroposophical Society in Switzerland


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