"What we call organic architecture is no mere aesthetic nor cult nor fashion but an actual movement based upon a profound idea of a new integrity of human life, wherein art, religion and science are one: Form and Function seen as One, of such is Democracy."

Frank Lloyd Wright

The Goetheanum

Situated in Dornach, south of Basel (Switzerland), the Goetheanum is a cultural centre and a place for international encounter and collaboration. It is the headquarters of the School of Spiritual Science and the General Anthroposophical Society. It houses research institutes, a theatre and eurythmy stage, and training centres.

The Goetheanum as School for Spiritual Science provides a space for spiritual development. It is also a place where interdisciplinary collaboration is sought between various areas of life and professions, and where commitment to civil society can develop to meet the challenges of our time.

As headquarters of the General Anthroposophical Society, the Goetheanum creates opportunities for people from all cultures and continents to meet. The society, founded by Rudolf Steiner in 1923/24, regards itself as “an association of people (…) who wish to nurture the life of soul in the individual and in human society on the basis of true knowledge of the world of spirit.” (Section 1 of the Statutes). The Society facilitates the work of the School of Spiritual Science with its eleven specialist departments (sections).