“Anthroposophy is a path of knowledge aiming to guide the spiritual element in the human being to the spiritual in the universe.”

Rudolph Steiner

Organisations & Initiatives

Rudolf Steiner worked tirelessly to motivate people to become active. He not only spoke about art or lecture on art history, but he himself picked up a chisel, a paintbrush, a lump of clay; he himself painted a cupola of the first Goetheanum, sculpted architectural models and drew eurythmy forms. He wrote four pieces for the stage and composed verses for pupils, teachers and physicians, wrote texts for the ritual of the Christian Community and undertook scientific research. Today, eighty years after his death it is rather the “how” than the “what” which stimulates the generation of “Steiner’s heirs” to keep rediscovering his relevance and to keep on developing it in art, science and religion.

“Rudolf Steiner wants to share his world conception with everyone. He assumes a creative element in all human beings. We can really only wholly understand his knowledge if it is applied, that is to say, if we want to develop our inner self. Everyone can do it, from the simplest to the most complicated person. And yet, not everyone can do it because it depends on taking the decision. An inner deed is required. We must become spiritual Vikings."
(Albert Steffen, Writer)

There are many different initiatives arising from Rudolf Steiner's work.

Rudolf Steiner Archiv

Centre for the documentation and publication of Rudolf Steiner’s scientific and artistic work. Dornach, Switzerland


Research Centre on the Cultural Impulse of Anthroposophy

Promoting the development of consciousness on an anthroposophical basis in the context of:

  • research and publication projects on the history of the anthroposophical movement, contemporary history and the history of consciousness in the twentieth century;
  • cognition-oriented work based on the idea of the anthroposophical School of Spiritual Science.
  • the presentation of anthroposophy and its fields of work, the critical exploration of Rudolf Steiner’s work; public relations.

Research Centre on the Works of Rudolf Steiner

The Research Centre was founded in December 2001 in order to intensify research activity into the works of Rudolf Steiner at the Hardenberg Institute.

Rudolf Steiner shares the fate of many other authors that his works are nowadays understood with increasing difficulty. This is the result not just of the time which has passed since they were written, but is also significantly due to their particular forms of expression which place great demands on our ordinary reading habits. It requires a special effort to gain access to these works in a way which does not rely on the authority of other people’s interpretation and is more than arbitrary. The Hardenberg Institute has for some time been occupied with the intentionally systematic study of Rudolf Steiner’s written works (of art) and developing a contemporary methodology for reading und understanding them. Many tasks arise from this, such as the survey of particular subject areas and the continuing development of the methodological indications contained in anthroposophy. Many areas which have not yet been studied (e.g. the hermeneutics of these texts) are still awaiting treatment and belong to this subject area.

Work objectives of the Research Centre:

  • Studies on the question: what does understanding Rudolf Steiner mean?
  • Methodological aids for the study of Rudolf Steiner’s written works in particular.
  • Monographs on individual works.
  • Cross-sectional subject surveys.
  • Studies on the significance and position of anthroposophy in the history of ideas.

Friedrich von Hardenberg Institut für Kulturwissenschaften
Tel: (06221) 2 84 85


The YouthSection

The YouthSection is one of eleven sections or departments of the Goetheanum – School for Spiritual Science. The School was founded, along with the General Anthroposophical Society, in Dornach, Switzerland in 1924 by Rudolf Steiner and several colleagues.

The purpose of the School is to perform spiritual scientific research into all the fields represented by the sections and bring these results into practical initiatives that help heal present world conditions.

Towards this purpose, the YouthSection organizes seminars, small study groups and international conferences throughout the world; supports initiatives, facilitates internships, and conducts research on world youth issues.

The YouthSection consists of a team of dedicated people working together towards serving the needs of youth. Elizabeth Wirsching took on the leadership of the YouthSection in 2000, and since then has built up an international group of young people who have connected with the worldwide focus and emphasis on individual initiative.

A growing worldwide network of volunteers and committed supporters has also emerged as a result of the YouthSection’s increased activities.
The Youth Section has connections all around the world, and friends who are actively engaged in organizing both small and large events in their countries:  Brazil, England, France, Germany, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Romania, South Africa, Sweden, Ukraine and USA.


Individual Studies at the Goetheanum

The program for individual studies at the Goetheanum is specially geared to accommodate the individual interests and the personal initiative of the prospective student. Both the content and the structure have to be personally organised to fill these requirements. It is designed for those who wish to pursue a professional full-time study on their own responsibility.

The basic requirements for admission are an active interest and independent involvement with Anthroposophy and a working knowledge of German or English. In order to ensure the intensity and continuity of the course of study, the student chooses a mentor, who, in consultation with the College, accompanies and takes responsibility for the whole program. Besides this mentor, other teachers or lecturers can be chosen for instruction in the various subjects involved.

Besides fulfilling the conditions and requirements of the proposed course in consultation with the mentor, each student is expected to give a presentation of the results of his/her research or study to a colloquium and to take part in the events of the independent students, such as study groups and discussions regarding the course. In addition, a course and progress report is to be presented in writing after each trimester.

Conditions of Acceptance:
Students are accepted on the basis of a written application (personal biography and outline of the proposed course of study in regard to form and content) submitted to the Kontakstelle, Individualstudium and a personal interview with a representative of the College. Initially the study is limited to a single year, but can be extended (up to a maximum of four years). The first three months are to be regarded as a trial period.

Graduation and certification form a part of the individual negotiations between mentor and student. Courses are offered in the compilation of a Portfolio (using the method of the CHQ), which forms the basis for an official recognition of the course of studies.

A basic fee of CHF 3000.- will be charged in order to cover the costs of the infrastructure, availability of mentors and, as applicable, of lecturers, as well as admission to courses and performances at the Goetheanum.

For information, advisory services and applications, please contact the office of the Individual Study Program:

Ivana Suppan
Dorneckstr. 1
4143 Dornach
Tel. 061-7012526

Rudolf Steiner Foundation USA

Established in 1936 and reorganized in 1984, RSF is an innovative charitable service organization that uses several financial vehicles to fulfill its charitable purposes. RSF has no endowment, and its ability to accomplish its mission rests on the generosity of those who make loans to RSF - our "investors" - and those who make gifts through RSF – our donor advisors. By investing in and donating through RSF, you share in the accomplishment of our charitable mission and help expand its impact. Whether you are a current client, potential donor, investor, borrowing project, grant recipient, or someone who is simply interested in RSF’s work, this website will provide you with a wealth of information that we hope will lead to or deepen your relationship with RSF and our charitable mission.