«We must create the conditions that will allow the person with disability to structure their own work and living environment, and not assume at the outset that we know better what his needs are.»

Karl König

Camphill Communities

Camphill communities provide opportunities for children, young people and adults with learning disabilities, mental health problems and other special needs to live, learn and work together with others in an atmosphere of mutual respect and equality.

There are more than 100 Camphill communities in over 20 countries in Europe, North America, southern Africa and India where those with special needs are offered the support they need to develop their potential.

Camphill community life is based on Christian ideals and the teaching of the philosopher Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925). We welcome those of all beliefs who respect our ethos.

In addition to caring for each other, those who make their lives at our Camphill centres care for the land and the environment around them by following organic and biodynamic principles in their gardens and on their farms, recycling and using environmentally-friendly products and services whenever possible.

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