Anthroposophically orientated astronomy seeks connections between cosmic and terrestrial phenomena. The Goethean research method plays an important role in understanding these cosmic-earthly correlations. That is why attention is focused on a phenomenological approach to cosmic manifestations such as planets, star constellations or comets – that is, learning to read them as the intrinsic expression of an entity. This anthroposophical method of research accentuates sensory observation and the forming of spiritual ideas, largely relinquishing model-based concepts that are alien to the nature of the phenomena.

Section for Mathematics and Astronomy

The Mathematical-Astronomical Section is one of eleven sections of the School of Spiritual Science, Goetheanum. Its task of the Mathematical-Astronomical Section includes research and teaching in the field of Mathematics und Astronomy in the sense of the Anthroposophical Spiritual Science as well as the coordination of the collaboration on a local, European and worldwide level.