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Quality revealed in crystal clear pictures.

FondsGoetheanum: Landwirtschaft
Biodynamically grown apple.

Here in the case of apples: below, the picture of a Demeter apple with delicate, clearly fanned out needle formations, under that, a conventional apple with irregular needle formations.

Many consumers consciously look for food that is good for them. They know that the way in which produce is grown and processed makes a difference to the quality. Working with indications given by Rudolf Steiner, the chemist Ehrenfried Pfeiffer developed a technique to make some of these inner, nutritional qualities visible.

FondsGoetheanum: Landwirtschaft
Conventionally grown apple.

The so-called "picture-forming method" was taken up and expanded by other scientists, among them Dr Ursula Graf (Wetzikon, Switzerland), and Beatrix Waldburger who works at the Goetheanum crystallisation laboratory. The picture-forming method includes the development of "educated judgement" allowing for an objective quality assessment. The forms in these pictures reveal the expressions of life forces and vitality inherent in the analysed products.