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‘Through art, people can be touched and transformed.’


Dimitri on art: essential

Art is something essential. It stimulates one’s development, broadening and enriching the mind. It is harmonizing, frees one up, makes one joyful. So says Dimitri in this interview.

Dimitri, you grew up in an artistic family, you are an artist in your own right. What does art mean to you?

Art is a necessary luxury! Art means having an idea, giving form to something. Children are artists when they make drawings and paintings out of their own ideas.

Dimitri is considered one of the greatest clowns, whose poetry and big heart not only make audiences laugh, but also move and touch them deeply.

Why do children sing?

Because they are happy to be alive! The joy in voice, that is the child ‘speaking’. To express themselves by singing, even unconsciously, is a blessing. Of course, this is not art, but it is a healthy activity and valuable. It is increasingly important from childhood onwards to learn to balance life’s assaults and travails through song, music, painting, dance, drama, creativity, laughter.

How can art be fruitful for life?

Most professions lack art. Of course, everyone tries his best to bring a new spirit, new joy to his work, to make it better and more effective. However, it is important that people balance their lives with artistic activities such as painting or music, or at least take an active interest in art.

What is significant about Rudolf Steiner’s art?

Rudolf Steiner saw that artistic activity is important for human beings. Art broadens the mind, opens us up, makes us curious, and frees us from our prejudices. In art, we are closely related to things spiritual. The largest part of the human being – our ideas, our soul, our mind – is not visible. It is only our physical body that we see. As a result, all that is spiritual in nature – all the beings around us, all the angels and who knows what else – is immensely large and important, but we do not see it. Indeed, most people are not even aware of it.
Rudolf Steiner knew that through art you can touch and transform people. A play with great dramatic tension, a captivating story, or great comedy can raise people up, further their education and enrich their lives. They can get carried away, they do not even need to be literate. Theatre is culture, a fine dish served in a wonderful way.

Art enriches

When interest in art and culture is awoken in childhood, at school, it stays with us our live’s long, enriching us in soul and spirit on into old age.

Dimitri, thank you kindly for this interview.


The interview was conducted and transcribed by Esther Gerster.