FondsGoetheanum: Medicine, Therapy and Healthcare

A commitment to promoting health

Feeling better starts with basic research. With this new 2nd edition of FondsGoetheanum, we invite you to support and take part in our initiative. Your contribution helps to strengthen Anthroposophical medicine, a medical approach focused on creating health.

Anthroposophical medicine is complementary to conventional medicine in that it adds the elements of soul and spirit, transcending the purely physical realm. Its holistic view focuses on the stimulation of the self-healing and health-creating forces. In supporting the FondsGoetheanum initiative, you promote these research efforts.


Medicine, Therapy and Healthcare

Exploring connections, awakening self-healing capacities

Anthroposophical medicine is an extension to conventional medicine by means of anthroposophical research. It is based on a holistic approach to the nature of man, which encompasses all dimensions of physical body, soul and spirit. It is focused on the patients and their needs as human beings. Every anthroposophical doctor also undergoes a complete academic medical training.

Diagnostic methods, treatments and therapies are adjusted to individual needs. Anthroposophical therapies and curative treatments activate and support the body's self-healing capacities wherever possible. Established conventional methods may be applied if the self-healing capacities cannot overcome the illness. Chronic illnesses such as cancer, mental conditions and children’s diseases are the main areas of research.