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Biodynamic agriculture enhances soil fertility

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Increasing humus content in the soil starts with the preparations.

Biodynamic farming has been scientifically proven to be the most sustainable agricultural method according to the long-term academic study DOK1. Among other things, it is the use of biodynamic preparations that makes the difference. They strengthen the life forces of the soil. The preparations are made and used on biodynamic farms. Cow horns are needed for two of them, the horn-manure and the horn-silica preparation. The horns let the substance they are filled with absorb and concentrate the forces that are at work between earth and cosmos, and in the cycle of the seasons. 

What are the horn preparations good for?

The horn-manure preparation is used at the beginning of a new cycle of growth, before the seeds are sown, when the meadows begin to grow, or plants are put out into the garden. It enhances soil activity.

The horn-silica preparation is applied once the plants in the fields and gardens are further developed. It strengthens the plant metabolism and the process of photosynthesis.

Even vineyards or commercial gardens that don’t keep cows can benefit from the concentrated forces in the cow horns by using the preparations.